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Embracing Experience-Based Marketing: Insights from Vinyl Vox, Kwasa Damansara Prop, and Mangala Estate Boutique Resort

Kwasa Damansara Prop analyses how these three diverse industries harness experiential marketing to foster Emotional Connections and Drive Brand Loyalty.

Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia — Kwasa Damansara Prop has released a study sharing insights on how experience-based marketing is transforming customer engagement across the vinyl record, real estate, and hospitality industries. It took three diverse industries, analyzing itself for real estate, Vinyl Vox for the vinyl record industry, and Mangala Estate Boutique Resort for the hospitality industry, to explore businesses adopting experience-based marketing to foster an emotional connection with customers and drive brand loyalty.  

According to recent studies, experiential marketing can increase customer satisfaction by up to 30% and brand loyalty by 25%. These statistics underscore the significant impact of experience-based strategies in retaining customers and building long-term relationships.  

Case 1: 

A popular vinyl record store in Malaysia, Vinyl Vox uses its distinctive product line to connect with music enthusiasts on a sentimental level. Cutting-edge digital marketing strategies are being used to increase consumer outreach. A detailed exploration of this dynamic approach can be found on their website at

Case 2:

Renowned for being one of the top property platforms, Kwasa Damansara Prop keeps pushing the envelope in terms of sustainable living and community-focused real estate projects. “Sustainability goes beyond environmental stewardship—it encompasses creating spaces that nurture the human spirit,” says Teddy Lam, the founder of Kwasa Damansara Prop.

He further emphasizes the role of cultural enrichment in real estate, “By incorporating cultural enrichment into the properties, it’s not just promoting real estate; we’re fostering a sense of belonging and connection among our prospects.” Additional insights into their projects are available at Kwasa Damansara Prop.

Case 3: 

Mangala Estate Boutique Resort, a holiday resort in Pahang, enhances its guest experience by offering bespoke wellness and relaxation packages, ensuring a personal and unforgettable stay. The resort’s commitment to personalized guest experiences is detailed on its website at

Looking ahead, Kwasa Damansara Prop plans to continue expanding its portfolio with innovative, mixed-use spaces designed to redefine urban living. “Our commitment to sustainability and innovation drives us forward as we shape the future of urban living in Malaysia,” remarks Lam.

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Company Name: Kwasa Damansara Prop

Contact Person: Teddy Lam



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