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Richard J. Miller’s New Book “The Sigsbee Deep” Promises Thrills and Excitement

Richard J. Miller’s latest book, “The Sigsbee Deep,” is an adrenaline-pumping story with wild inventions, terrifying sea creatures, and nonstop peril. This new science fiction novel is full of danger, clever ideas, and the fight to stay alive.

In 2049, the Earth gets very hot, causing a huge earthquake. This earthquake breaks the Pinellas Peninsula off from Florida, making a new island called “New Pinellas Island.” Mays Jackson, who owns a salvage yard, and his two children, Lily and Cooper, have to deal with this new, scary world. The waters around them are filled with giant, dangerous fish called Krakefish.

Three years later, the people on New Pinellas Island have made a new home. But now, the island is moving toward the Sigsbee Deep, a very deep part of the Gulf of Mexico. If they do not get away, the island will sink. Mays, his friend Chris Mann, and retired Navy Captain Martin Ullman must find a way to save everyone before it is too late.

Amazing Inventions and Nonstop Action

Miller’s book is full of amazing inventions. There is a big boat with spikes and a special submarine made from old parts. These help the people fight off the giant Krakefish. The story is always exciting, with lots of action and clever solutions.



About Richard J. Miller

Richard J. Miller used to be an actor and eyeglass maker. Now, he writes thrilling books. His first book, “The Isle of Thom,” was very popular. With “The Sigsbee Deep,” Miller shows he is a great storyteller who keeps readers hooked from start to finish.

Get Your Copy Now!

“The Sigsbee Deep” is available at bookstores and online. Do not miss this exciting story. Grab your copy today and see how Mays and his friends fight to survive in a dangerous new world.

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